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Planning Ahead

There is no way we can predict all of life’s many turns. But we can plan and be prepared for those things that we know are most likely to happen. While it may be uncomfortable to consider your own passing or the passing of loved ones, it is one event in life that is not only likely, but certain to happen. Yet until recently, there has been little you could do to plan ahead to ease the burden of making funeral arrangements and controlling their costs. Now there is a way to plan to make this difficult time easier for you and your loved ones.

By Pre-Planning your funeral:

  • You make all the important decisions well in advance, assuring the type of funeral you want.

  • You protect your loved ones from having to make difficult decisions in a time of great stress.

  • You can guarantee your family will never have to pay more-no matter what happens with the price of funerals in the future.

  • Your selection will be accepted by Medicaid should you need long term nursing care.











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